Our Science

Bacterial Consortia

Our sophisticated bioinformatics pipeline powers our ability to design fit-for-purpose consortia. We have amassed a library of hundreds of proprietary bacterial strains, all genomically characterized to define their function. From these strains, we rationally select those that perform specific chemical and metabolic reactions to address a specific disease or disorder. Our consortia include both active strains and supportive strains to mimic the cross-functional interactions of a natural microbial community – the active strains perform critical mechanistic functions, such as degrading a toxic metabolite, and the supportive strains provide the infrastructure needed to support engraftment, cross-feeding, and active strain function.

Once designed, we use the ACTTM platform to manufacture these metabolically complete bacterial consortia from purified cell lines. The bacterial strains are co-cultured to produce extremely large and diverse therapeutic consortia that are then formulated for oral delivery via capsule.

Microbial Therapies in ACTion

Federation Bio’s proprietary ACTTM (anaerobic co-culture technology) platform is a first-in-class platform that enables rapid and scalable manufacturing of rationally designed, complex bacterial consortia. 

Our proprietary consortia are metabolically complete, which enables stable engraftment

Federation Bio Consortia
  • FB-001, our lead investigation compound consisting of 148 microbial strains from healthy donors, has similar phylogenetic diversity and structure as a complete healthy human microbiome
  • The phylogenetic diversity of FB-001 enables complete metabolic functional replacement
  • This phylogenetic and metabolic diversity should lead to better engraftment and disease control
Robust engraftment of Federation Bio consortia strains in preclinical studies