Dante Ricci, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Dante Ricci is a Senior Scientist at Federation Bio. He was part of the initial team​ that launched the company in January 2019, and currently leads the Communities Platform​, where he oversees a portfolio of preclinical therapeutic programs.

Prior to launching Federation Bio, Dr. Ricci was part of the research team at the antibiotic company Achaogen. During his time there, Dr. Ricci led a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-sponsored cross-functional team devoted to the isolation of antibacterial human​ antibodies for the prevention of neonatal sepsis.

Dr. Ricci specializes in microbial genetics, with a background in molecular microbiology, ​synthetic biology, biochemistry, microscopy and genomics, as well as specific​ expertise in the biogenesis and physiology of the gram-negative bacterial cell​ envelope, a structure of significant biomedical and biotechnological interest. ​

Dr. Ricci earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Princeton University and conducted​ his postdoctoral research at the Stanford School of Medicine.