John Cremin, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. John Cremin is a Senior Scientist at Federation Bio, where he established the bioanalytical capability (LC-MS/MS) and provides support for all bioanalytical program needs. Prior to joining Federation Bio, Dr. Cremin worked as the Associate Director DMBK-Bioanalytical at Achaogen, where he assisted in drug discovery and development. Dr. Cremin helped expand Achaogen’s bioanalytical PK-ADME department, where he supported the PK-ADME structure activity screening of an antibiotic discovery program, led non-clinical pharmacokinetic (PK) ​studies, and led the GLP bioanalytical validation and ample analysis for a phase 1 clinical trial evaluating an antibiotic development program.

Prior to joining Achaogen, Dr. Cremin worked at Pharmacofore Inc. (later renamed Signature Therapeutics), which was a start-up focused on discovering and developing therapeutics for pain and avoidance of addiction. At Pharmacofore, Dr. Cremin established and led in vitro PK-ADME, headed the structure-activity screening of enzyme activated pro drugs and formulated medicinal chemistry to support drug discovery and development. ​

Dr. Cremin began his bioanalysis PK/ADME career in 2000 at the oncology drug discovery and development company, Telik, Inc. While there, Dr. Cremin helped establish the Pre-Clinical Department, collaborated with the pharmacology group to conduct high quality PK on lead compounds and conducted in vitro PK-ADME to advance the programs.