Kyle Jacoby, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research

Dr. Kyle Jacoby is the Vice President of Research at Federation Bio. In this role, he oversees all preclinical research, including the microbiology team’s construction of complex bacterial consortia, the engineering team’s development of new strain functionalities, the data science team’s investigations of complex consortia interactions, and the immunology team’s advancement of clinical candidates. 

Prior to joining Federation Bio, Dr. Jacoby served as Senior Director of Gene Editing at PACT Pharma. During his tenure there, he developed a first-in-class non-viral genome-engineering platform for primary human cells, enabling the rapid and cost-effective generation of patient-specific neoTCR T-cell therapies for cancer. Under his leadership, the company advanced this platform from discovery through IND-enabling safety studies, integrated it into SOPs for personalized product development and GMP plasmid and cell-production processes, and progressed it into first-in-human Phase 1 clinical trials. Dr. Jacoby subsequently co-led the Next Generation Program to expand on this platform, leading to multi-million dollar out-licensing and collaboration opportunities.

Previously, Dr. Jacoby was the Technology Development team lead for the Program for Cell and Gene Therapies at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, where he managed a team of scientists developing translational cell engineering strategies, viral vectors, and molecular tools to address unmet clinical needs. He also oversaw subsequent IP filings and sponsored research agreements.

Dr. Jacoby received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington through a joint program with Seattle Children’s Research Institute. He holds eight patents, has authored 11 research publications, and has received various academic and professional awards for his research, academic performance, and leadership.